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Creating A Stunning Wedding Speech for the Wedding of the Year

Expressing your love for your other half would be a difficult thing to put into words because love has no definite explanation. In weddings, this is one of the most crucial part for both the groom and bride because they need to express their love for each other in front of their family and friends. In this once in a lifetime event, a wedding speech should be made to melt the hearts of the guests and your partner.

With all of these pressure involved, it is hard to think on the spot and just let out anything you would like to say and finally burst into tears. The most effective way to make this moment perfect is to get yourself organized and take this opportunity to say everything you feel about your partner and the people who have took part on your wedding day. This is the time to make your partner aware of how loved she is and to show your gratitude to the family and friends who have spent their time and effort just to be with you in this very special moment.


To make a stunning wedding speech, there are 5 secrets that you need to follow. These secrets will guide you towards making an unforgettable wedding speech that the crowd will love. It will also give a bigger reason to rewind and show off your wedding videos to your future kids by flaunting how organized and heart warming your message was. For a lot of people on this special day, one should know the proper way of delivering your feelings to touch the hearts of many.

Here are 5 secrets towards making a stunning wedding speech.

Short and Brief

In making a wedding speech, it does not have to be long and boring relaying each and every detail of a story telling of how you got in that present situation. Make your wedding speech a short and brief one. It should take about a maximum of 15 minutes but it should cover everything you need to relay without missing out on the other details. Always remember that the wedding speech should be about expressing your love, gratitude and promises. Make sure that your speech should not contain irrelevant things that will just bore the guests.

Use Metaphors

The only thing that makes the wedding speech colorful is the metaphors used. If you cannot think of any, look up on books to find the right metaphors that suites your feeling. However, making your own metaphor will really mark in the minds of your partner and your guests. This will not only add color but will make your wedding speech organized in a way. Sometimes when you cannot put your feelings into words, just use metaphors because it is easier and it will fit the superficiality of what you would want to express.

Draft an outline

Like any other types of speech, an outline is very important. This way, you know where to start and where to end. You will also know the basic flow of your speech by not missing out on details through your draft. This skeleton draft will make things more organized.

Inject a sense of Humor

In all of the wedding speeches, the best to hear is the one that will make you both cry and laugh. In this intense moment where you will embark in a different life ahead of you, It will become very emotional that will lead everyone into tears. It is also the perfect time to shake of the sadness and make everyone laugh through very wise punchlines made. If you inject a sense of humor, just make sure that is it never offensive.

Make A Short Story

People love hearing out stories so they will never get bored until you reach the end. Just in case that you will lack all of the creativity involved in making a speech, try to get a story on your desk. Make it a funny story, a scary story and a love story that will give a wonderful message in the end.

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